he Basics For Choosing Between A Lure And Live Bait For Your Next Fishing Trip

1 July 2015
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Fishing can be very relaxing, it can also be exciting, especially if you are catching a lot of fish. If you want to make the most of your next fishing trip and catch as many fish as you can, you need to have the right bait or the right lure. There are many different varieties of bait and lures on the market and most can be purchased at bait and tackle shops. Below is a guide for how to know which option is best for you to increase your chances of catching a whopper on your next trip.

What Is Live Bait?

Live bait consists of anything living that you use to catch a fish. Worms, small fish, frogs, and even lizards are all different forms of live bait. You want to make sure that the bait is kept alive when you place it on the hook because the movement it makes is what attracts the fish's attention.

When Should You Use Live Bait?

Live bait is great to use any time you fish. Live bait does the hard work for you because it grabs the fish's attention and gets it to bite. The only problem with live bait is keeping it alive. You need to store minnows, lizards, and frogs in an aerated container so that they get the oxygen they need to stay alive. Be sure that the worms are kept in the foam container they come in and are kept cold in order for them to stay alive as long as possible.

What Are Fishing Lures?

Fishing lures are items that are designed to look similar to fish, worms, frogs, and lizards. Some contain scent attractors that lure fish to them to better your chances of catching something. Some lures contain glitter so they cast light throughout the water when sunlight hits them. There is a large variety of lures available based on the specific fish you are trying to catch.

When Should You Use Lures?

Lures are most effective during times when the fish you are trying to catch are spawning. Some fish will guard their nests from predators and are very aggressive when they are spawning. Different fish spawn at different times of the year, so it is best to research the fish you want to catch to ensure you make the most of your time.

Fishing can be fun, but actually catching fish makes it even more enjoyable. If you have not been fishing lately, grab some bait or some lures and go cast a line as soon as possible to enjoy peaceful relaxation. For more information, contact a professional like Berry's Bait & Tackle Ltd.