Why A Trekking Pole Is A Good Idea For Hikes In Any Condition

18 July 2022
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Hiking is an exceptionally good hobby for anyone to get involved in and there are a variety of different trails and options for any age and skill level. While you don't need a lot of equipment to get started on a hike, just a good pair of shoes and proper nourishment for the length of time you're going, many people are starting to see the value in a trekking pole. If you have never been one for a trekking pole, here are a few reasons why you might want to reconsider your aversion to this very helpful addition to your hiking kit.

Self-Defense Trekking Pole

One of the main reasons why a trekking pole is valuable all over America is that it can help protect you against all manner of wildlife. From foxes and coyotes, snakes and alligators, a self-defense trekking pole can help keep predators at arm's length and deter them so they leave. Trekking poles are even helpful in dire circumstances when you face up against bigger predators like a mountain lion or a bear of some kind. They are not a guarantee, and staying away from wildlife is always the best solution, but a strong and long self-defense trekking pole is more helpful than you might think.


You might think you have pretty good balance, as most people who are relatively young do, but that does not mean you cannot find yourself in a precarious situation from time to time. Whether you unexpectedly get caught on a sharp incline or your footing turns into very loose soil or rocks, a trekking pole can help make sure that you remain on your feet in even the most challenging circumstances. Always be prepared for the worst, and if all else fails, at least you have something to ease the weight of your backpack on longer journeys. 

Clearing Terrain

If you are going a bit more offroad, then a trekking pole is very useful to poke the ground in front of you to ensure it is not too wet, as well as to clear high grass or prickly vegetation that might cause lengthy delays otherwise. Any hiker who traverses rough terrain knows that having a reliable stick or, in your case, trekking pole allows you to move much easier with minimal downtime as you investigate each and every pathway in a matter of seconds rather than minutes. 

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