How An ASTM Approved Riding Helmet Can Protect You Against Head Injury

1 June 2017
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Riding a horse allows you to interact with the great outdoors. You get to smell the foliage, feel the air and see nature's beauty while being with a majestic animal. It is no wonder that women love horses.

Women also love the nurturing aspects of taking care of this animal. Read on to find out how an ASTM approved riding helmet, like from EQU Lifestyle Boutique, can protect you against head injury.

Be Mindful Of Falling

If you are going to ride, then you can fall off. Even the most well trained and quietest horse can buck, bolt or get spook. This results in an unscheduled dismount. If you fall, then you can get hurt.

Is Head Injury A Risk?

Head injury is always a risk for horse riders. A horse can throw you to the ground, kick you, and you can just fall off. This action can result in your head striking a hoof, the ground, or up against an object. A blow to the head can cause a concussion. For these reasons, you should be wearing a helmet to decrease your chance of a head injury.

What Is An ASTM Approved Riding Helmet?

There are a variety of women horse riding helmets on the market. It is important to put safety over fashion. If you are going horseback riding, then you should wear an ASTM approved riding helmet.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an organization that is made up of skilled volunteers, physicists, engineers and doctors. This organization sets the standard for a variety of safety equipment. The ASTM also works with the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI). The SEI is an independent laboratory that run tests to make sure helmets meet the ASTM requirement.

Every helmet on the market does not meet ASTM/SEI standards. If you are planning to buy a riding helmet, then you want to buy one with an ASTM/SEI label. An ASTM/SEI riding helmet provides you with more protection against a fall or impact. The lining of the helmet has a thicker shell. Approved helmets also do not come with snaps. Snaps are not used because they tend to pop open upon impact.

There is no way to guarantee that you will not get an injury from a fall. However, if you know how to fall, then it will lessen the impact. This means riding a horse that match your skill level, being safe, riding with proper position and wearing protective gear.