Why Rubber Flooring Is Necessary For Every Different Type Of Home Gym

16 December 2021
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No two people work out exactly the same, which is why home gyms are often such a great investment. You can pick and choose what equipment you need and want for your home while not spending thousands of dollars extra on machines you don't like. No commercial gym will ever be as tailor-made to fit your needs as the one you can build at home, but they will have some advantages that many people forget. One of those is their flooring. Here is why you should always get some home gym rubber flooring, no matter what type of gym enthusiast you are.


If your primary focus is on weights, whether it be one of the many machines or just some free weights and a squatting rack, then you need home gym rubber flooring to ensure you don't damage both your weights and the ground. Weights can be exceptionally heavy and have quite a small footprint, which means they can dent, crack or otherwise damage your flooring when they are dropped. Rubber flooring allows you to use weights without worrying about whether it will cost you a lot of cash to fix up the flooring if you accidentally drop a weight.


For the cardio enthusiast who prefers running, rowing, and cycling to heavy weights, home gym rubber flooring is still a good idea because of how shaky your equipment can be. You probably don't notice it in the middle of your exercises, but you exert a lot of force when using these machines, and they do shift and move about. This scrapes along the concrete flooring, damaging both the supports of your machines (which can cost thousands of dollars) and also not giving you very good stability, which can cause you to be inefficient and develop bad habits. 

Calisthenics And Yoga

If you are someone who doesn't like any type of machine or exercise equipment and just want a quiet space to really train your body, then you still should consider some rubber flooring. These gym flooring mats are exceptionally tactile, which means that they are very grippy and absorb your sweat without becoming slippery. The last thing you want is to fail a move or routine in the middle of a rep because you lost balance due to a slippery floor. Home gym rubber flooring is comfortable and easy to set up, and it lasts for years, making it an easy choice.